Senderovitch, Rinkov & Co. Law Firm was founded in 1999, and has become one of the most prominent and leading law firms in the areas of municipal taxation and collection of diverse types.

The firm represents several municipalities, as well as other public entities, in the areas of municipal law, legal and administrative collection, litigation, contracts and tenders, infrastructure, and regulatory issues. Among the firm’s clients are dozens of municipalities and local authorities, public entities, banks, and credit card companies.

The firm is being rated annually along with the largest and most notable law firm in its field. In 2018, the firm was rated as an Elite Law firm for Collection & Foreclosure according to the BDI Code, and as a Leading Law firm in its area of expertise by Dun’s 100.

The firm has a unique and highly professional team of over 80 employees, among them are collection attorneys with over 100(!) years of cumulative experience in the field.

Our attorneys provide our clients with a full suite of services, from legal counseling and formulation of action plans, and all the way to collection in practice (via legal or administrative means) and legal representation – both in collection & foreclosure proceedings, and in claims against debtors – in all courts and legal tribunals.

Our firm’s unique approach to collection is founded on the understanding that the correct way of settling any debt begins with a positive approach, through provision of effective, comprehensive, and professional service to each applicant. The firm devotes a lot of resources to achieve this, investing much into debtor service centers and professionally training the service representatives, who enjoy frequent training sessions, and who are tested on their knowledge – and rewarded for adherence to the firm’s values.

The firm is also uniquely experience with managing complex specialized projects that require establishing dedicated call centers and individually responding to hundreds of thousands of people within a short period of time, such as mass payment / refund projects, as well as projects that involve formulating an action plan, establishing a bank clearing house, dispatching notices to addressees (electronic or written, as applicable), discussion with applicants, and performance of payments according to client specifications.

Additionally, our firm provides its clients with tele-collection services (collections via inquiries initiated by debtors), while managing information systems of the highest standard, making information readily available to debtors in the most effective and transparent manner possible through this website, among other means.

Our firm was the first law firm to be certified for the ISO27001 standard on information security by the Standards Institution of Israel. Also, as part of our continuous efforts to improve our firm’s service quality, our firm renews its ISO9001 quality management certification each year.

In addition to making significant investments in its computer systems and infrastructure, the firm also invests in physical infrastructure and has public offices in Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba, and Ashkelon. The firm also operates a tax collection system and a network of foreclosure executive across all of Israel and in all sectors.

This combination of technology, infrastructure, and most importantly, highly qualified personnel allows our clients to enjoy exceptionally high collection rates, all while maintaining industrial peace and without compromising on the quality of service rendered both to the public and to the firm’s clients.

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