Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (collectively and separately, hereunder: “The Terms”) put forth here apply to each and every visitor and\or user (interchangeably, hereunder: “the visitor” or “the user”) of the various digital services offered on the website operated by Senderovitch, Rinkov & Co. Law Firm (hereunder: “The Law Firm”) by virtue of their legal engagement with the competent authorities and\or other relevant service providers (collectively, hereunder: “The Authorities”).

The website is intended to allow the user to obtain basic information regarding their alleged debt(s), and to process payments to settle said debt(s). While the Law Firm is constantly working to improve and streamline the process of obtaining said information, it is also important to note that the debts we are working with are legally classified as “criminal” (unlike civil). Therefore, in the event that there is a contradiction between the information on our website and the information that exists in The Authorities’ databases, The Authorities’ information shall prevail and be considered as the correct of the two.

The Terms refer to the user\the visitor using plural pronouns solely for convenience purposes. The directives of The Terms apply to both genders equally.

  1. Use of the website, its contents, and the various services offered on it, and\or otherwise made available by it, constitutes consent to the directives and conditions put forth in these Terms. This includes commitment on behalf of the user to act according to the Terms. Therefore, we recommend that any user, who intends to use this website, would read these Terms thoroughly.
  2. If you disagree with any of directives and\or conditions put forth herein, partially or entirely, you must stop using the website immediately.
  3. The Law Firm reserves the rights to change, remove, edit, and\or elaborate upon the Terms at any given time, without any obligation to provide a prior or even a retroactive notice. Your continued use of the website following any such changes shall constitute your consent to said changes. Therefore, we recommend revising the Terms every time you intend to use the website.
  4. The Terms herein shall not substitute any the terms-of-use and\or privacy policy of any other website and\or page linked or otherwise made available through this website. Visiting and using any other website, even if, as mentioned, it was made available by any means through this website, is subject to the respective terms and\or policies of the website that is being used\visited respectively at the time, without any relation to these Terms whatsoever. Therefore, we recommend reviewing any such terms and\or policies independently of these Terms.
  5. The Terms apply to any and all forms of use of this website, including but not limited to making payments on the website and\or through it, and\or clearance of said payments by a third-party credit clearance company. The Terms apply to any and all visits to the website, any and all access attempts to its contents and\or services offered on it and\or otherwise made available through it, from any communication device that is capable of accessing this website, in any format, using any operating system, through an internet connection, or any other network connection.
  6. The Law Firm reserves the right to suspend, block, and\or take legal or other actions against any user, should they violate any of the directives put forth by these Terms.
  7. Any links to external websites that may exist on this website are available solely for your convenience. Any liability for relying on linked websites and\or their contents, including their use and\or submission of information through them, shall be solely born by the respective user, and in accordance with the respective terms-of-use, privacy policies, and conditions of any and all such websites, in a manner that is unrelated whatsoever to these Terms. Additionally, the Law Firm reserves the right to remove any such links from its website at any given time, and\or to abstain from publishing any new links – all at the Law Firm’s sole discretion.
  8. The Law Firm makes significant efforts to provide a seamless and safe user experience. However, the website is not immune to faults and\or errors, and as such, may become inaccessible from time to time. The website, its contents, the services offered on it and\or otherwise available through it, as well as anything and everything else the website contains, is presented to you in its original form, and without any obligation nor liability for its availability (“As Is & As Available”).
  9. Consequently, any error(s) and\or downtime and\or unavailability of the website and\or the payment service(s) offered on it\otherwise available through it, regardless of the reason for the occurrence of the above, does not constitute justified grounds and\or a valid excuse for delay in the settlement of any and all debts past their respective deadlines.
  10. The Law Firm is not, and shall not be liable, directly nor indirectly, implicitly nor explicitly, for the availability, correctness, reliability, and\or accuracy of the website’s contents or the services offered on it\otherwise made available through it, especially in respect to third-party content and\or data presented on behalf of The Authorities. Any reliance on the content displayed on the website or otherwise made available through it is at the user’s sole responsibility.
  11. The Law Firm is not liable for inaccuracies and\or mistakes made in the content and\or services and\or data displayed, offered, and\or otherwise available on the website. The Law Firm hereby clarifies that the website’s content serves for general informative purposes only, for the users’ convenience. The website, and all contained therein, do not constitute a recommendation nor an expert’s opinion regarding the factual and\or legal status of any of debts whatsoever, and any reliance on the website’s information is at the user’s sole discretion and responsibility. The user must independently evaluate and consider the services, payments, and\or any other information displayed on the website. The user waivers their right for any claims against the Law Firm and\or The Authorities which may result from reliance on any information that may be available on the website.
  12. The user shall use the website and its services for private and non-commercial purposes only. The website’s contents shall not serve as a basis for financial, legal, personal, and\or other decisions on the user’s behalf, and any action that relies on the website’s contents is shall be at the user’s own responsibility and discretion.
  13. Any content and\or data and\or information presented on the website regarding services and\or Authorities, that originates from third-party sources, including but not limited to sums, evaluations or calculations, results, specifications, and any other data, on behalf of, or based on, third-party databases, is provided solely by the respective third party, and the Law Firm is not liable for it whatsoever.
  14. The Law Firm shall not be liable for any damage and\or loss sustained and\or that may be sustained by the user and\or other third party as a direct or indirect result of using the website, including damage\losses sustained as a result of using software and\or files and\or contents downloaded from the website, and\or otherwise used through the website itself.
  15. For the clarity’s sake, any disruption and\or error and\or fault in submitting user information on the website, including any problems that may occur during registration on the website or other additional services that are made available through it, and\or when making payments or submitting payment information, shall not constitute grounds for any claim and\or legal action by the user.
  16. The Law Firm may allow, limit, or deny altogether a user’s ability to access to the website at any given time, at its sole discretion, and reserves the exclusive right to modify the website or cease its operation altogether, partially or entirely, without any prior nor retroactive notice, and users shall not be entitled to any claims whatsoever in respect to the matter.
  17. The Law Firm may condition website access, partially or entirely, by requiring registration and\or payment, and users shall not be entitled to any claims whatsoever in respect to the matter.
  18. The user may not perform any actions that could create and\or lead to unreasonable load on the website, its server(s) and system(s), and\or any other action that could otherwise constitute a detriment to the website, its operation, its content, and its presentability, without prior written permission from the Law Firm. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, the user may not do the following:
    1. Use the website and\or its content for commercial purposes and\or use them to form a database.
    2. Copy, reproduce, change, process, translate, or reverse-engineer, any and all parts of the website, including by means of distribution, transmission, presentation, duplication, publication, and storage of the website’s content and\or parts of it.
    3. Use or enable the use of any software and\or other means, including, but not limited to, bots and\or crawlers, to search, scan, copy, and\or automatically recall website content.
    4. Display website content encased in a visible or hidden frame, or display website content in any manner that alters its original design and\or removes any of its elements.
    5. Disrupt or violate any rights of other website users, and\or harm their dignity or privacy.
    6. Use the website and\or its content to harm the reputation of any person and\or to publish inflammatory, fraudulent, defamatory information, and\or any other information that is false, unreliable, or that is intentionally harmful in any way.
  19. Failure to comply with any of the restrictions above may lead to suspension of your access to the website, and even civil and\or criminal liability under any and all applicable laws.

Information Security

  1. The website’s management is constantly working to protect the website and improve its security, as well as the security of the information displayed on it, through it, or otherwise made available by it, including information submitted to the website by users, using all reasonable advanced security measures available. Also, the Law Firm is employing reasonable measures to protect the website, as well as the hardware and software components required for its operation, and ensures they are updated on a regular basis, inter alia, to protect the website and its content from intrusions, breaches, and data leakage.
  2. The Law Firm does its best to ensure the confidentiality of the data submitted by users, using conventional precautions and advanced security technology. Notwithstanding this, the Law Firm cannot fully guarantee against unauthorized breaches, and therefore, information leakage to foreign\unauthorized parties and\or loss is still possible. It is hereby clarified that the Law Firm shall not be liable for any breaches and\or damage sustained by the user, or anyone of their behalf, as a result of using the website, its content, and\or any and all related services.
  3. Credit cards are processed in a secured and encrypted manner by an external processing company, using modern encryption methods that meet the international regulatory standards and the directives of credit card companies.

Privacy Policy, Registration, and Data Collection & Storage

  1. “Personal data” implies any data and\or information that can be used to identify a given user, and which may be submitted by the user during their registration and\or use of the website and any related services, as well as other information and\or data that may be collected about the user during their use of the site. This personal data shall be used solely in accordance with these Terms and\or legal obligations.
  2. The website does not collect personal data autonomously, unless a user chooses to submit such data on their own accord, while filling online forms on the site, registering an account, signing up for any services or mailing lists – including by means of submitting contact forms, etc.
  3. Some or all of the services offered on\otherwise available through the website may require registration at this time or in the future. During the registration, you may be required to submit personal information, such as your name, your address, your contact information and\or your email address, and depending on the necessity of the situation, other identification information, such as an ID number and other related details. Required fields shall be explicitly marked accordingly. Without filling in the required data in these fields, you will not be able to register and\or gain access to the sections and\or services conditioned with registration.
  4. It is possible that you will be required to verify or validate your identity by means of submitting contact information during registration process or as a condition of completing the registration. It is hereby clarified that contact for purposes of validation or verification as mentioned above is not intended to subscribe you to any mailing lists whatsoever, and therefore, does not grant you grounds for any claims on the matter receiving unwanted mail or unlawful contact under any applicable laws.
  5. It is not mandatory by law to submit information through the website. By submitting any information when requested to do so, you acknowledge that the information is being submitted on your own accord and with your consent, and that you shall have no claims against the Law Firm and its representatives on the matter, nor you will have any such claims in the future.
  6. Additionally, when submitting any personal information to the Law Firm through the website, you declare that the information you’ve submitted is correct, reliable, and accurate, and you are submitting said information on your behalf or have been legally authorized to do so on behalf of someone else. In any event, you shall be solely liable for any information that has been thusly submitted.
  7. The Law Firm may use automated tools to gain insights on the ways its website is being used, in order to improve user experience and adjust the website according to its’ users’ preferences. These tools may collect and store general anonymous information about you and the way you use the site. This information may include, but is not limited to: your ISP, your IP address and public DNS name with which you’ve accessed the website, your device’s location at the time of accessing the website, time of visit and time spent on various pages, manner of use, browser type, and other statistics about your use of the website and its related services.
  8. Additionally, the Law Firm may use “cookies” on its websites. Cookie files are text files generated by the user’s browser according to responses received from the Law Firm’s servers. These files allow storing information you’ve submitted through various forms on the website, so you won’t have to resubmit that information on each consequent visit. These files may also contain information about pages you’ve visited while browsing the website, sources that redirected you to said pages, and more.
  9. The information stored in cookie files is encrypted, and the Law Firm employs the necessary precautions to ensure that only its servers, and\or of its authorized delegates, can access and read the information stored in these cookie files. If you’d like to stop using cookies, you may do so by adjusting your browser’s settings accordingly. Some cookies may expire after you close your browser or any other application you are using to view the website, while others may be stored on your device’s storage. You may delete these cookies at any time, including those saved on your device’s storage. It is recommended to do so only if you are certain that you don’t want this site, its contents, and its services to adapt to your preferences on information submission.
  10. The Law Firm hereby commits to abstain from using any and all of your proprietary information, if any such information may be possessed by it, as well as any other information about you that may be possessed by it, for purposed unrelated to the services being rendered to you.
  11. The Law Firm shall employ reasonable and acceptable means to preserve personal user data and prevent it from being accessed by third parties, except in cases as described below:
    1. Per the user’s own request and\or their consent, and\or to provide the user with a service they’ve requested\subscribed to.
    2. If the user’s information is required to fulfill a request by the respective user, and\or provide respectively requested service, and\or make a payment on said user’s behalf.
    3. In the event that a user has violated any of the conditions described herein, and\or in the event that a user has used the site to execute or attempt an action that contradicts these Terms or any applicable laws.
    4. When required to do so by virtue of a judicial order, when demanded to do so by any relevant competent authority, or to prevent an offense from being committed.
    5. In any case that the Law Firm deems such transfer of information necessary for preventing any severe injury and\or damage to property, or for preventing any other considerable damage at its discretion.
    6. Should a legal dispute, claim, action, and\or proceeding take place involving a user and\or anyone on their behalf and the Law Firm and\or anyone on its behalf.
    7. Should the Law Firm transfer and\or reassign its rights and\or activities to any third party, and under the condition that said third party accepts and undertakes the directives of these Terms.
  12. The aforesaid does not derogate from the Law Firm’s right to transfer aggregate and\or non-personal information, or any other information that isn’t sufficient to uncover a user’s identity directly or by any other reasonable means, or information that may violate the user’s privacy and\or intellectual property rights, unless it has been explicitly stated otherwise.
  13. The Law Firm is the owner and duly licensed holder of all intellectual property rights for the website, its content, and content directly available through it, including the source code, binary code, any\all trademarks, terminology, trade secrets, logos, services, copy rights, reputation, market data, moral rights, technical information, and any other right that is equivalent to or is a derivative of the aforementioned.
  14. Use of any of the above-mentioned without explicit prior written permission from the Law Firm is prohibited and shall constitute a violation of the Law Firm’s and\or other relevant third parties’ rights.
  15. Do not use, copy, reproduce, process, distribute, display, or publish any content from this website, and do not use it for any commercial or private uses – directly or by proxy – without explicit prior written consent from the Law Firm.



  1. Should any of the directives and\or conditions put forth herein be found unlawful, illegal, or unenforceable, for whatever reason, said directive and\or condition shall be removed from the Terms, without affecting the legitimacy and\or validity of the rest of the terms and conditions.
  2. The Terms constitute the full agreement between you and the Law Firm in all matters related to the website and its use and shall substitute any other\prior verbal or written understanding and\or agreement on the matter.
  3. Use of the website and\or any of its related services, as well as any legal cases, demands, and\or requests related to \derived from such use, shall be examined under the law of the State of Israel, and the Tel-Aviv Court shall be the sole jurisdiction on the subject. The substantive and procedural law under which any of the above shall be examined shall be the Israeli law, subject to the Law Firm’s right to take legal actions through courts in the vicinity of the user’s address and\or their place of business and\or their assets or parts thereof, at the discretion of the Law Firm.
  4. In accordance with the Privacy Protection Law of 1981, the user, or anyone on their behalf, may review their respective information stored in the Law Firm’s databases, to the extent that the Law Firm store any such information. The user may request of the Law Firm to correct any such information if it is false, incomplete, or inaccurate.
  5. To exercise the above-mentioned right, the user must send a written request addressed to Senderovitch, Rinkov & Co. Law Firm, whose address is Aba Hillel Rd. 12, Ramat Gan, Ayalon Tower, 5250606. Any written communications addressed to the Law Firm must include the sender’s full contact details, including an email address and a phone number for contact. The Law Firm shall do its utmost to respond to any reasonable request within reasonable timeframe.
  6. For any further inquiries and\or requests, you may contact us by phone at 03-6113311, or by fax at 03-6113322.

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